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What type of man does the gift need to appeal to?

Christmas is a time of giving and joy. But when it comes to buying Christmas presents for your male friends, what do you get them? It can be tough to know what to buy without going crazy with a credit card.

If you’re looking for a specific gift idea that will make him happy, there are some things to consider. If he’s a sports fan, then an autographed photo or jersey might be something he wants. Or maybe he likes gadgets, so a new iPad would be perfect. You could also get him a gift certificate to a restaurant, spa, or gym near his favorite team’s stadium. There are endless options if you just start thinking about all the things he loves! Get my company info at brasil247 easily.


Before deciding on a present for your guy friend, think about who he is. Is he an outdoorsman, an avid reader, a musician, or a tech-savvy gamer? Maybe he already has everything he needs in life, but you still want to give him a great present. Think about what his hobbies are and try to match those up with a gift that will make him say “wow!”

When buying for a gadget lover, you may want to go with a smartphone instead of a tablet. You’ll find a lot more apps and games on a phone than on a tablet. Also, if he’s more interested in gaming than reading, don’t spend money on a book subscription service like Kindle. Instead, get him a game system like an Xbox 360 or PS3, where he can play games online with his buddies.

You might also want to buy him a laptop or desktop computer instead of a tablet if he spends most of his time surfing the internet or working on spreadsheets. A desktop is easier to use than a laptop for work tasks, plus it’s better suited for watching movies or playing games at home. And finally, if he already has a smartphone, a simple accessory like a Bluetooth headset for calls and music streaming could be fun for him.

But no matter what kind of guy you have in mind, you should always keep in mind what your recipient might actually use his present for. If you know nothing about him outside of his job, then you probably won’t know which type of gadget he really enjoys, unless you ask him directly. So if you know he’s into video games, getting him a new game console makes sense. But if he’s a serious runner, a treadmill may be the best choice.

A good rule of thumb is to think about his interests before spending money. Don’t forget to add in some other types of gift ideas too, in case you get stuck thinking of just one thing. For example, a nice bottle of wine from his favorite winery is sure to make him smile!

What else should you consider?

Of course, if you want to get him something useful, then you’ll need to look around for a few other things as well. If he’s a big sports fan, he probably has several jerseys hanging in his closet right now. You can get him a new one if he hasn’t worn it yet this season. Or if he’s a collector like me, you could get him a framed piece of memorabilia from his favorite player. That way, he can keep it forever and not just show it off to people at work. The same goes for any other collectible items he has around the house.

For a different type of gift, try to get him something that shows how much you care about him. This could mean anything from flowers to dinner out. Just make sure to keep track of what you’ve done for him throughout the year (or even when he was younger) so you can come back to it next year and surprise him again!

Another option is to do something that will make him laugh. Gift baskets with chocolate bars or small toys inside are always fun. Or you could get him something funny to put on his desk at work. Nothing says “I love you” like having a silly picture of yourself in the office, right?!

Don’t forget to get him something special for birthdays and holidays. He’s likely to appreciate getting something thoughtful for these occasions, especially since they tend to be the only times he gets to see you during the year. Try something like a set of personalized cufflinks, a coffee mug, or a watch.

The bottom line is this: if you get something that’s easy to use and won’t break the bank, chances are he’ll enjoy it. A gift certificate to a local restaurant or spa is a great way to get him something he can use immediately and will remember long after the holiday is over.

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Sales Tracking Software

Being organised is crucial to success in any activity that you undertake. Even an individual goal like becoming a fit person needs you to be disciplined. The same principle goes for a business. In order to become a sales machine, the first thing that you need to do is have a system in place that makes it easier for you to achieve benchmark results.

One of the important aspects of being organised when it comes to sales is the need for sales tracking software. Just like a time tracking software helps you keep track of your time, a sales tracking software helps you stay in control of all the steps that are involved in the execution of a sale. The information that this software generates on a daily basis can be a gold mine of useful data that can aid your decision making. Sales tracking software can help you in better deployment of human resources, improved planning in terms of future sales and even better support for your customers. 

  • Increase Sales

At the first instance, the primary objective of a sales tracking software is to use various metrics to help you increase your sales. Metrics like sale per source, sale by demographics, sales in a particular time period and so on are developed and relayed in easy to understand terms by a good sales tracking software. For instance, looking at the sale by demographics metric can help you know which age group is more eager to purchase your products and thus, you can focus more on them or figure out how to attract the other age groups by making changes to your product. These metrics help managers understand the root cause behind a stalled sale and how to convert them.

  • Efficient Use of Time

The purpose of tracking any value is to ensure that the benefits of  time spent on it are equal to the efforts undertaken. A sales tracking software makes sure that there is a process in your business when it comes to sales and you can find out which lead is at which stage of that process at any point of time. At a deeper glance, this helps you in efficient use of time so that you can figure out which representatives are more likely to convert a lead.

  • Informed Decision Making

When we talk about a sales tracking software, it is important to understand what sales tracking is. Sales tracking is a process which keeps a record of what is happening in sales not just today but what is likely to happen in the future. The software will let you know which orders are in the pipeline soon and help you in your purchase decisions. Detailed reports generated by the system on a regular basis are responsible for analysing the success or failure of your strategies. One of the important features of an effective sales tracking software is that it allows you to generate custom reports that can be very specific.

  • Better Customer Experience

Better tracking of all stages of the sales process can also help your sales representatives in deciding when they should move in with the final pitch to close the sale. For instance, the software can generate information about the average time taken by sales representatives to close a sale of a particular product. This metric can be used by future sales representatives to make sure that they execute the sale within time and not go on and on about the products, thereby wasting the customer’s time.

  • Risk Management

When the sales process is manual and there is reduced reliance on technology, the risk of malpractices increases. However, if there is a clear and well defined process which can be monitored at each stage, the risks reduce considerably. The senior managers can be alerted by the system immediately whenever something goes wrong. This can make a huge difference to the sales figure. According to a Harvard study, fifty percent of study participants from high-performing sales organizations responded they had sales processes that were closely monitored, strictly enforced or automated compared to just 28% from underperforming sales organizations.

It’s clear that sales tracking is an important cog in the wheel. In fact, it is almost as important as the wheel itself. Having said that, it is necessary for you to ensure that the sales tracking software that you choose has an easy to use interface, fast customisation and a detailed reporting system. These features will make it easier for you to deliver growth for your business and the various stakeholders. Sales tracking can work wonders not just for your business but also make life a breeze for your sales representatives and deliver an overall better experience for your customers. The fact that it increases your sales is just the cherry on top. 

Sony Xperia P Specifications and Review

Sony has extended a good mid-range mobile with the Sony Experia P. The phone is a powerful smartphone from the Sony Experia stables and like its predecessors, comes within the sort of a bar. The device is run on the well tested robot v2.3 OS, upgradable to v4.1 candy, and may even be upgraded to the abundant vaunted v4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) OS.

The Sony Xperia P possesses a one GHz U8500, twin Core processor. These specifications area unit supported by a one GB RAM to assure the sleek running of the multiple apps on this device. The rectangular screen of this Sony phone could be a 4-inch TFT electrical phenomenon show, which supplies a resolution of 960 x 540 pixels. The show additionally comes with WhiteMagic Technology, that could be a feature that enables the user to make out what’s displayed on the screen even within the afternoon sun and helps to conserve battery at different times. in addition, the Mobile Bravia Engine aids the show quality to a good extent. The program used on this device is Android’s terribly own Timescape. The phone possesses a robust eight-megapixel camera with Associate in Nursing 8x digital zoom which is able to guarantee glorious quality photos. The secondary zero.3 megapixel camera permits the user to hold out video calls.

The camera is attended with Associate in Nursing LED flash. The camera options Face and Smile detection, bit Focus, Image Stabilization, fly Reduction and lots of additional options that alter the photography method. the complete HD recording feature on the device is capable of taking high definition 1080 x 1920 pel video, at 30 fps, creating the video shooting expertise quite satisfying. The phone comes loaded with a geo-tagging feature that enables a user to get native data victimisation the GPS operate on the phone. The Sony Experia P features a smart weight distribution and is straightforward to carry within the palm of the hand. the sides area unit sharp and straight in look. The phone weighs in at one hundred twenty g and is neither too light-weight nor too significant once control. The screen is scratch resistant and features a shatter proof sheet over the mineral glass. The show comes with Associate in Nursing close light-weight detector that is Associate in Nursing intelligent detector that adjusts the show brightness in keeping with the encircling surroundings.

The Sony Experia P comes with a spare internal memory of sixteen GB. The stupendous processor needs Associate in Nursing equally economical battery. The device comes jam-choked with a 1305 mAh, Li-Ion battery that takes care of the ability necessities of the device. The battery guarantees to supply six hours of talktime once used on the 2G network Associate in Nursingd offers an equally adequate five hours once used on the 3G spectrum. The device offers up to eighty hours of music playback and four hours of video playback to stay you amused once move or once you’re sitting in a particularly boring meeting. Headphones area unit better for the latter case. This Sony Experia can keep you connected in most the doable ways that. Over the 2G network you’ll use GPRS and EDGE technology.

For Associate in Nursing optimized browsing expertise the user may also hook up with the net via the 3G network. The device is capable of upper information transfer rates being HSDPA and HSUPA capable. meaning the capability of the phone to transfer information is increased compared to different 3G capable phones while not this feature. This Sony phone is additionally (wifi wireless local area unita network|WLAN wireless fidelity WiFi local area network LAN) capable after you are in an exceedingly wireless network. The user may also transfer files and documents through Bluetooth or through the small USB port. The device is capable of tethering to different mobiles through the USB and LAN hotspot. victimisation the HDMI port on the device the user will connect and transfer audio or video information from this phone. This Sony phone caters to the consumer with 3D Surround Sound and xCLOUD technology for a wonderful music expertise.

Living up to being Associate in Nursing well-rounded diversion phone, the user will fancy motion games like Asphalt and Tilt 3D or access the FM radio. The device comes with social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. different apps like Youtube, Google speak with Video Chat, Google Latitude and therefore the robot Market area unit bundled into this phone. Business options of the phone embrace Document Viewer, that permits the user to manage and access documents and shows and Pushmail, that provides access to the user’s Email on the move.

Top 10 Best Selling Google Chromebooks From Amazon

In Recent Months, Google chromebooks have risen in popularity with Recent published reports showing that 1 out of every 3 computers being sold in Amazon and other popular web stores is a Google Chromebook. Earlier, I had written an article , Explaining What chromebooks are and their features in which I Explain The advantages and disadvantages of Chromebooks and why you should buy one of them .

• Related Articles: ChromeBooks and All you need to know about them A summary of the most important features of Chromebooks are namely:

• Hassle free and Starts up in seconds ( 30 seconds)

• Built in virus protection and is secure

• Runs all your favourite google apps such as gmail, google chrome , and many more. • Click Here for more information on chromebooks well, Today , i Present to You the top 10 Best selling Chromebooks from Amazon. This is a list which will indicate the Best selling, most popular chromebooks and act as a guide for those of you who may want to buy one.

The top 10 Best Selling Google chromebooks are: The 11 inch Samsung Chromebook is the most popular and features a 11.6 inch HD display, 2GB of ram coupled with a 16GB SSD , silver in colour and is ultra-portable weighing in at 2.4 pounds. This is a chromebook manufuctured by Acer company and features an Intel Celeron 2955U 1.4 GHz (Haswell micro-architecture), it ships in both 32Gb and 16Gb models. The Hp chromebook is arguably one of the most beautiful sleek chromebooks that has ever been manufuctured.

It has the standard 16GB SSD, 2gb ram with a 6 hour battery life and comes in both blue and white colours. This is a second Chromebook by Acer company with a standard 32Gb SSD , 2Gb of ram and standard 7.5 hour battery life. it ships in a Granite gray colour. The Hp Chromebook snow white has a 14 inch screen , intel HD graphics and the standard 16GB SSD and 2Gb ram. This chromebook has intel HD graphics and a 4 hour battery life. Another Hp Chromebook with a 14 inch screen with intel HD graphics.

Ships with an Ocean Turquoise colour A Hp chromebook with standard features but with a Peach coral colour. This is the first chromebook to feature a 4Gb ram which should make for a fast computer. Additionally it has a 11.6 inch anti glare screen with Intel hd graphics and comes with an HDMI port and 8.5 hours of battery life. This chromebook from Hp closes our top 10 best seller chromebook list. it Features a 14 inch screen , intel celeron processor and 4.15 hours of battery life.

Top 5 Best Online Shopping Websites for Electronics

Are you looking forward to online electronics shopping in 2014 ? The number of users performing online shopping has gradually increased over the years and in the same measure, so has the number of online commerce (e- commerce) websites.

Knowing the best places or websites to shop online is essential because you not only get value for money but also a ton of other premium services for free such as free shipping. In this post, you will learn bout the best websites to shop online – dedicated mostly to technology items /electronics such as computers, laptops, tablets, chromebooks etc. But first, What are the desirable characteristics of a good online shopping website ? A good website well suited for online shopping should have most if not all of the following characteristics, that are geared towards give the customer a good memorable online shopping experience.

• Variety:

A good shopping website should have a variety of items in a given specific category. This way, customers have freedom to choose any product

• Free Shipping:

If items bought by customers exceed a given reasonable minimum price, a good online shopping website should allow for Free shopping of the said items

• Frequent Deals and Promotions :

Customers do like saving some bucks while purchasing their favourite items

• Return Back Policy :

In the event of failure, malfunction or damage of the said items, a good online shopping website should allow for free returns and replacement The Top 5 Best Online Shopping Websites for Tech Items I believe everyone has heard of Amazon, which is the leading online shopping destination for many internet users especially for tech related items such as Laptops and Tablets, Electronic Items, Software etc. Amazon has everything you need in the Technology Section (and other sections too), with competitive prices which are hard to beat, a wide variety to choose from and free shipping on orders above $25.Another awesome feature of Amazon is its Amazon Prime which affords users Unlimited Free 2 day shipping, book borrowing on amazon kindle and unlimited streaming on movies and much more.

For more information on Amazon Prime, Click Here. The other cool feature about Amazon is its insane deals and promotions where online shoppers save tons of money for their favourite features. Click here and Bookmark to keep track of amazon deals. E bay is another leading online shopping website and features mostly used items which are good condition. Ebay connects third party sellers to buyers and it allows for two types of purchase procedures, one is through active bidding while the other is true Direct purchase/ Buy it Now (hint: Format search results to show only items with Buy it Now) Ebay additionally offers Deals and Discounts where Users can get heavy discounts on some of the items being sold with up to 75 % off coupled with Free shipping. What more can a customer ask for ?

To view all deals, please click here. Best Buy unlike amazon and Ebay, is an online shopping website specifically suited for Electronic items i.e computers , tablets , tvs and any other electronic items you can think of. Bestbuy has impressive features such as the ability to buy items online and pick them up at a nearby store, free shipping on all goods above $25 and a Deal of the Day where everyday there is a deal/ promotion on electronic items which lasts for 24 hours, other bonus deals are also inlcuded.

Click here to see the deals section Deals: Browse through Deal of the Day Walmart has the mantra “Save Money , Live Better” and is one of the top US online retail companies with a high variety of products available. For Technology Items/Electronics, Walmart features Laptops, Netbooks, Desktops and software among others, with Free shipping on nearly all items of $50 or more. For Deals and Promotions, Best buy has what is Called “Value of the Hour” and “Value of the Day” where you can get amazing discounts on given items. Click here to view Electronic Deals (Values) Newegg is an online site specifically dedicated to electronics (though other categories have been added) where you can get computer hardware, Gaming, software and cellphones & accessories. The website also features Daily deals on some of its happens. This can be viewed here.

Top 3 Must HAVE Mozilla Add-ons for Online Shoppers

Want to save tons of money while shopping online ? This Mozilla Add-ons will assist you The number of online retailers is increasing each day and so are the number of online shoppers.

Deals and Savings are part of the online shopping experience where users can save money when buying goods and services online. Earlier, I had written an article on The Best Websites for online Shopping, where I listed the best websites and their deals and savings section, please do checkout if you need to know of online websites. In this article, we explore the Best Mozilla Shopping Add-ons that will keep track of the best deals and savings happening online and automatically fill in Coupons for you to ensure you have maximum savings when shopping online.

3 Must HAVE Mozilla Add-

ons for Online Shoppers PriceBlink is the best Firefox online add-on there is and actually scooped a 2012 Readers Choice Award for best Firefox browser add-on. When you browse the internet, PriceBlink automatically finds lower prices for products and looks for money saving coupons from thousands of online retailers , so regardless of which website your are, you will always find discounts. PriceBlink helps you save money and has cool features such:

• Instant Price Comparison –

Find the lowest price on a given product

• Coupons –

Get alerts on both money saving and free shipping coupon codes

• Shipping Charges –

Get first hand information on shipping charges should you buy the product Shopping works much like PriceBlink but offers much more privacy when shopping online by supporting the use of HTTPS and works on search engines. Additionally, it is Safe, Discrete and 100% free. So when you search for products through your favourite search engines, shopping will provide you with existing coupons alongside the search results. Invisible hand is a Mozilla Firefox Add-on that automatically get the lowest price on online products ( including flights). Just as its name , this add-on will show a discrete notification when a better price for products and flights is available. It is non intrusive and must have for online shoppers and travels. InvisibleHand is free and supports major retailers in the US, UK and Germany, for more information please visit their official site All the three Mozilla Add-on’s listed above pretty much do the same thing with little difference in features, it is recommended to install any two and experiment, but if you only need to install one mozilla add-on then i would recommend InvisibleHand..

As online shopping expands , it is important that you as a shopper be smart and be able to save some bucks when you buy your favourite products online or even when you shop. With these mozilla addon, you will be able to save, get value for money and buy more stuff online Loved this article ? please share with friends and let me know what you think in the comments section below.

How to Easily Measure your Internet Connection Speed

The most popular questions among any internet question is “How fast is your internet connection ? “ . Many people cannot quantify the speed of their internet connections and will only use phrases like “Very fast” , “normal” or “annoyingly slow”.

Internet connection speed is a very important variable or factor to consider because the faster your internet connection , the fast web pages will load, the faster downloads will finish and most importantly you will cover more work within a short time as compared to a slow internet connection. If you want to know the actual speed of your internet connection then you are at the right place. Your internet service provider may promise you glamorous internet speeds when you sign up for internet at your home or office , but is all the data you are give true ? Well, luckily the internet has got great resources to help you measure the true speed of your internet connection and easily know wether you are getting value for money or not. A good tool for measuring the speed of a given internet connection will measure the following variables

• Ping Time:

This is how long it takes for a website to receive a connection and thereafter reply

• Upload Speed:

How long it takes to upload a given piece of data from your computer to the web

• Download Speed:

How long it takes to download a given piece of data from the web to your computer Having researched the internet, i have come up with a list of the best tools that you can easily use to measure your internet connection speed and learn how fast or not fast it is. This website will measure the true speed of your internet connection. All you need to to is select the nearest recommended server and begin the test. Speedtest will measure both your ping time, download speeds and upload speeds and provides you with a nice visual result stating your isp , and the test results plus a overall score. it is recommended you perform the test at various times of the day, in order to get an average score.

Visit Ookla Speedtest on the link provided below and learn how fast your internet connection is. is also a product developed by Ookla Speedtest, that is used to determine the quality of your broadband connection with a focus on streaming, voice, video communication and online gaming. These are important variables for internet users who extensively use the internet for activities such as watching videos, playing games and downloading. Just click on Begin Test and will evaluate your internet connection and return with the true score of how well your internet connection will well handle extensive online activities.

Visit from the link provided below This is a new entrant into the speedtesting services that uses HTML5 and is billed as the most smartest and most accurate online bandwidth speed test. An advantage of using HTML5 is that it can be used as a testing tool for your computer, tablet or phones , windows 8 and other mobile devices . This is truly advantegous because you can measure the internet speeds on all your electronic devices. Visit below and measure your true broadband connection speed on any of your devices aside from your computer. Knowing the true speed of your broadband internet connection is important because you can now know if your internet service provider is giving you value for your money, how fast you can perform online tasks , and also how you internet speed compare with those of your friends who may be using different internet servivce providers. visit the above listed websites and learn your true internet connection speed.

Free Driver Updater Software for Windows Computers

Tired of looking for free driver updater software for your windows computer ? Not to worry any more because we got a solution for you with free software to ensure that your computer drivers are up to date and running well. As you well know, Windows Drivers do play a major role in the runnning of your computer because it allows for smooth interaction between your operating system and your computer hardware. Unless you have recently bought a new computer, for any aged computer it is necessary that you always try to keep your computer drivers up to date (with drivers from you computer maker ) because they may aid in improving the performance of your computer system. What is the Importance of Updating Windows Drivers: You might be wondering why we should update windows drivers , every often .

Well, windows drivers should be updated because of the following important reasons:

• Improved computer performance :

With driver updates, manufucturers usually fix known bugs that used to cause problems between your hardware and software program . Thus, when you update your windows drivers, you fix these problems and greatly enhance your computer performance

Secuirty :

Driver updates serve to fix loopholes in your computer system that would otherwise act as channels to allow hackers , malware or virus programs to infect your computer

• Software and Hardware Stability :

if you have ever plugged in new hardware to your computer such as a camera, usb disk etc or installed a given software , and all this did not run smoothy on your computer that is by experience crashes then chances are you drivers for the respective operation are obsolete and need update in order to function well To avoid the above mentioned and additional problems , it is therefore necessary to regularly update your drivers software.

When you search the internet for free driver updater software , you will find free tons of software that will promise to automatically update your drivers , but after downloading them , you get a message that you need to pay some $$$ in order for the program to download drivers. Thats boring uh ? but not anymore because there exists a free software that will update your drivers for free and not pester you with adverts on why you should upgrade. That Free software is from IObit and is known as Driver Booster Free.

What is Driver Booster Free from IOBIT ? Drive Booster Free is a freeware (free software) from IOBIT that uses driver update technology to Scan, identify your outdated drivers , download and install them with just a single click of a button. This driver updater software will save you tons of time in finding the right driver for your computer and automatically updating it all for free. Driver Booster Free is more than a driver updater software, because if you are a gamer , then driver booster will also help you to boost your pc to suiting gaming needs by automatically tweaking your driver settings. How To Use Driver Booster Free Using Driver Booster Free software is incredibly easy , just follow the outlined instructions and you will be on your way to easily updating your computer drivers:

• Download Driver Booster Software (From the provided link below)

• Install the software on your computer and Run

• Click on the Scan button (you need an internet connection to do this)

• Driver booster free software will automatically find your outdated drivers for you

• Select on drivers you want to update and click the update button

• Let Driver Booster free do the rest for you:) To Download Driver Booster and Update software for free, click on the provided link below to download the software. Driver booster free supports both Windows Xp/vista/7/8. Updating your drivers software is an important undertaking much like installing an antivirus software and anti- malware programs .

With updated drivers you windows computer will always be at peak performance , secure and stable thus it I recommend you perform driver updates once in a while like monthly or quaterly with this recommended Driver updated software known as Driver Booster Free.

Free Data Recovery Software to Recover Your Files

Ever crashed your computer , accidentally deleted all your files or experienced a computer crash ? This situations do happen to anyone and most times result in data loss which may be files , media files such as photos or important documents. Loosing files can be tough , but luckily there exists Free Data Recovery Software (and paid ones too..) that will help you easily recover your files in less than a few minutes and save you tons of money and headache when dealing with your most important files.

But First, what are the features of a good free data recovery software ? A good Data recovery software, apart from being free, it should have the following features for easy data recovery

• Easily undelete files from your computer or flash drive

• Recover deleted data from your phone such as music, contacts etc

• Has an option for deep scan to enable thorough scanning and file recovery Most free data recovery software do offer this and most of other additional features that all aid in the easy recovery of your lost files. In this post,i look at the top 3 popular free data recovery software that you can use to easily recover your data and files.

Recuva is the most popular free data recovery software and is very effective in restoring deleted files from your system. Recuva not only recovers files from your computer in the event of a system crash or formatting, but it also recovers files from your recycle bin, digiatal camera, memory cad or even mp3 players. Additionally, Recuva comes bundled with a deep scan option to enable you scan the most deepest parts of your data disks and ensure all files are restored. Recuva is definitely a must have, Follow the link below to download it for Free. FreeUndelete is another free data reovery software that enables recovery of files deleted from windows recyclebin.

it supports major files systems such as FAT32 and NTFs. FreeUndlete is free for personal use , is easy to use for both skilled and non skilled users and supports windows xp, vista and 7. Additionally, the software allows you to save recovered files to different parts of your system such as another disk partition or flashdisk to prevent overwritting of recoverd files. PhotoRec is a free data recovery software designed specifically for the recovery of your digital photos from your smartphone, camera or any other photo taking device.

Additionally, it can also recover videos, documents and archives from disks. The advantage of PhotoRec is that it is a free, open source recovery software that ignores the file system and goes after the underlying data. this enables it recover files even in cases where your storage or media file system has been serverly damaged or formatted. If you ever lose any of your files or important data from now on , you need not to worry because with these free data recovery software , you will be able to restore them to their original form and save alot of time . Do you have any other free data recovery software that is not listed here ? please comment below and let me know your thoughts and suggestions.

Best Free Antivirus Programs for Your Windows Computer

Bought a new computer and you dont have money to buy an antivirus program to protect your it ? Then dont worry because there exists free antivirus programs for your windows computer which functions as well as their paid version counterparts, this will save you a couple of bucks. Having an antivirus software is a lifesaver for your computerin that it will protect your data files against corruption and deletion by virus programs hence an antivirus program should be the first priority when it comes to installing programs on your laptop. Below are the benefits of having an antivirus program:

• Protect your computer data, files , and operating system against corruption and deletion by malicious programs that may be present on your computer

• Protect your computer against hackers who may break into your computer and still personal information which may include, but not limited to bank accounts, personal information, passwords, pins etc

• having an antivirus program is convininent since you dont have to worry about computer viruses anymore. The antivirus program will take care of both detecting and eliminating any virus that has found its way onto your computer

• Minimize the risk of infection on your computer e.g. if you plug in usb drives from unknown souces which might be infected

• With antivirus programs, you have all round protection wether online or offline Best Antivirus Programs for Your Windows Computer Bitdefender is the most popular antivirus program used by millions of computer users and features the use of #1 ranked technology and is feather light which means it will not strain your computer. Features of The Free Bitdefender antivirus program include:

• Unbreachable Security :

Bitdefender free antivirus uses award winning technologies created by bitdefender themselves to automatically detect and eliminate all viruses , even those that other programs will miss

• Automatic Configuration :

The bitdefender software automatically takes care of all your viruses without nagging you with minor details

• Extremely LIght :

Bitdefender antivirus program does not strain your computer in anyway. it is very light which means it does not impact your computer even slightly

• No nagging Commercials :

Bitdefender program does not pester you with nagging commercials on why you should upgrade. It only displays important messages on what you should know. Bitdefender is definitely a must have free antivirus program , thats why it is rated number one by most technology companies. Download it Below and Enjoy Avast is an antivirus program which is both available in free and paid version.

Avast antivirus is well known for offering allround protection against known viruses and trojans which may affect your computer AVG antivirus is a very popular antivirus software produced by AVG Company which produces a variety of other programs. The AVG antivirus is not that good as avira or bitdefender but the most important feature it us is that it comes with considerably less bloatware.

Features of the free avg antivirus include:

Microsoft Security essentials is an antivirus software developed by microsoft company, this software program is suited for all windows computer users since it integrates seamlessly with windows. Microsoft Security Essential features are:

• simple to use and free

• runs in the background and automatically updates itself. MSE is less intrusive Above is a list of the best free antivirus programs in no particular order and you should select the antivirus program that you feel comfortable with its features . An important thing to note is that you should only install one antivirus program for your computer . Installing more than one may cause your comouter to run slow and there maybe conflict problems between the antivirus programs. It is also essential that you update your antivirus programs to keep up with the rising trends of virus being produced everyday.