Well, Samsung Galaxy S7 or the iPhone 7? It was a major question throughout the year 2016. When Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S7, a lot of people were pretty confident that this one is going to be the best smartphone of the year. But then came up the iPhone 7. And now, we are here to analyze which one should be the winner. In this article, we will offer you a detailed review of iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7. And, we bet it will make easier for you to decide which one is the winner. So let’s have a look at the battle of the best smartphones! Speaking of the design and display, the Samsung S7 comes with a glass back along with a metallic finish. It has got an aluminum frame. It is just slightly less attractive than Galaxy S7 Edge. It is pretty but not more beautiful than the iPhone 7.

IPhone 7 also has the aluminum series 70000 golden body. Both of them look great. But the Galaxy S7 has a bit heavier and bigger screen. But iPhone 7 is comfortable in the grip. Technically speaking, the Galaxy S7 has got a bit of higher rating in the display because it has IP68. And iPhone 7 has an IP67 rating. It means, the Galaxy S7 can hold up to 30 minutes in 1.5 meters of water, while the iPhone 7 also survives 30 minutes, but in a depth of 1 meter. Well, this is not a huge difference, but if your phone falls in water, S7 has got a better chance of survival. The iPhone 7 has a matte finish while S7 has got a plastic finish. Samsung S7 comes with a Corning Gorilla glass 4 with a super AMOLED capacitive display. While the iPhone 7, has LED backlit IPS LCD capacitive display. But on display, there is something that iPhone has. The 3D touch technology. It will let you give a different input command depending on how hard you are pressing the display.

Now this is a bit tricky to compare the Apple’s products with any other company when it comes to specifications. Because Apple does not use the Qualcomm processor that majority of the company uses. It is harder to compare when the devices are operating on different hardware. Also Read: Vivo V5 vs. Oppo F1s vs. Gionee S6s: Battle for Best Selfie Smartphone The Samsung Galaxy S7 comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor. It has an Exynos 8890 octa-core processor. For the graphics, you will have the Adreno 530, Mali-T880 MP 12. In this aspect, Apple iPhone 7 has got A10 Fusion with Quad core 2.34 GHz process and six core processor for graphics. The Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 mm technology offers a fast battery charging. But the A10 processor is 40% quicker than the previous A9 version. Speaking of the benchmarks, the iPhone 7 is a sure winner. Because the Android and iOS devices work differently.

Considering the lags, and processor efficiency, iPhone 7 beats Galaxy S7. In the storage department, iPhone 7 is available at variants of 32GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB. But the Galaxy S7 is only available with 32GB or 64 GB version. iPhone 7 has a larger storage capacity, but it does not have a memory card slot. While, S7 has a dedicated memory card slot. The iPhone 7 has a 2GB RAM while the Galaxy S7 has got 4GB RAM. But with Apple’s A10 processor, the RAM will not be a major issue. The Samsung Snapdragon processor is fast enough to beat major mobile devices, but Apple A10 processor is fastest of them all. The iPhone 7 does not have the headphone jack, but the Galaxy S7 does. So if you are willing to use the headphone for iPhone 7, you have to buy the 3.5mm lightening adapter along with it. But that will not have any impact on audio quality, though. iPhone 7 has got the stereo speakers. But Galaxy S7 does not have the stereo sound. But it has Hi-resolution audio formats for better sound quality, and it also has the Apex Bluetooth for better wireless music. So if you are not into stereo speakers (which is not a major issue), Samsung is a winner here. The iPhone 7 is a very preferred one for the photographers. But this time Samsung has stepped up too. The primary camera of iPhone is 12 MP along with a f/1.8 aperture, a phase detection, autofocus, and also with optical image stabilization.

The S7 has the same specs, but it just has f/1.7 aperture. It means s7 can handle the low light conditions in a better way. If you love selfies, the front camera of iPhone 7 is great. It has a 7MP sensor with f/2.2 aperture. But the S7 has got a 5MP camera sensor with f/1.7 aperture. So frankly speaking, iPhone 7 will offer you high-quality images, (of course, the Samsung will too!), but in low light conditions, the Samsung will perform better. So you can opt for anyone of the above, but Samsung is a bit better here. Well, iOS vs. Android comparison is not a fair comparison. Because both are likable in their way. Yes, Android is much more customizable than the iOS, and it is considered easier. But comparing Samsung S7 to iPhone 7, Samsung is not offering stock Android; it comes with a self-built overlay of Samsung called the TouchWiz. It brings the Samsung’s apps to the forefront. So it might be a bit difficult to understand for the first time user.


And it also gives the OS a different look. But there are millions of apps in Android and it is easy to get them, install them and use them. But app downloading and installing is a bit tougher in iOS. But you just cannot deny that iPhones are more secured considering the OS, than the Android. iPhone receives more updates and fixes security issues immediately. But Google updates take a long time. So your phone is open to serious threats. Speaking of security, iPhone is a better option. But speaking of customization S7 is a better option. Now you are the best judge. Well, for this, undoubtedly, Samsung S7 is the winner. S7 has a higher battery, 3000 mAh. But iPhone 7 has only 1960 mAh. Apart from larger battery, S7 has fast charging facility that Apple does not have. Also, S7 offers a wireless charging service that is still overdue for a long time in Apple. So with much larger battery, ability to quick charge and also the service of wireless charge, Samsung is the clear winner here.