Bought a new computer and you dont have money to buy an antivirus program to protect your it ? Then dont worry because there exists free antivirus programs for your windows computer which functions as well as their paid version counterparts, this will save you a couple of bucks. Having an antivirus software is a lifesaver for your computerin that it will protect your data files against corruption and deletion by virus programs hence an antivirus program should be the first priority when it comes to installing programs on your laptop. Below are the benefits of having an antivirus program:

• Protect your computer data, files , and operating system against corruption and deletion by malicious programs that may be present on your computer

• Protect your computer against hackers who may break into your computer and still personal information which may include, but not limited to bank accounts, personal information, passwords, pins etc

• having an antivirus program is convininent since you dont have to worry about computer viruses anymore. The antivirus program will take care of both detecting and eliminating any virus that has found its way onto your computer

• Minimize the risk of infection on your computer e.g. if you plug in usb drives from unknown souces which might be infected

• With antivirus programs, you have all round protection wether online or offline Best Antivirus Programs for Your Windows Computer Bitdefender is the most popular antivirus program used by millions of computer users and features the use of #1 ranked technology and is feather light which means it will not strain your computer. Features of The Free Bitdefender antivirus program include:

• Unbreachable Security :

Bitdefender free antivirus uses award winning technologies created by bitdefender themselves to automatically detect and eliminate all viruses , even those that other programs will miss

• Automatic Configuration :

The bitdefender software automatically takes care of all your viruses without nagging you with minor details

• Extremely LIght :

Bitdefender antivirus program does not strain your computer in anyway. it is very light which means it does not impact your computer even slightly

• No nagging Commercials :

Bitdefender program does not pester you with nagging commercials on why you should upgrade. It only displays important messages on what you should know. Bitdefender is definitely a must have free antivirus program , thats why it is rated number one by most technology companies. Download it Below and Enjoy Avast is an antivirus program which is both available in free and paid version.

Avast antivirus is well known for offering allround protection against known viruses and trojans which may affect your computer AVG antivirus is a very popular antivirus software produced by AVG Company which produces a variety of other programs. The AVG antivirus is not that good as avira or bitdefender but the most important feature it us is that it comes with considerably less bloatware.

Features of the free avg antivirus include:

Microsoft Security essentials is an antivirus software developed by microsoft company, this software program is suited for all windows computer users since it integrates seamlessly with windows. Microsoft Security Essential features are:

• simple to use and free

• runs in the background and automatically updates itself. MSE is less intrusive Above is a list of the best free antivirus programs in no particular order and you should select the antivirus program that you feel comfortable with its features . An important thing to note is that you should only install one antivirus program for your computer . Installing more than one may cause your comouter to run slow and there maybe conflict problems between the antivirus programs. It is also essential that you update your antivirus programs to keep up with the rising trends of virus being produced everyday.