For those who have been playing the game Call of Dragons for some time, there’s no doubt that you’ve encountered a range of heroes throughout your journey. Each one brings something unique to the game, making it all the more exciting. But which hero is really the best? Let’s take a closer look at all aspects of each hero and find out who comes out on top.

Understanding different heroes

The first step in deciding which Hero is best for you is to understand what they bring to the table. There are different types of Heroes in Call of Dragons – tankers, fighters, supporters, ranged attackers and technicians.  Tanker Heroes are powerful damage dealers with high-level defensive abilities, Fighters excel at melee and mid-range attacks, Supporters provide buffs and healing for allies, Ranged Attackers specialise in long-range attacks from a distance, and Technicians use their tech skills to manipulate enemies’ abilities. Together, these heroes form a formidable team capable of taking on any challenge.

Compare Hero stats

Once we have a better understanding of each type of Hero, we can begin to compare their individual stats. This will help us determine which Hero has the most useful attributes in combat scenarios. Some important factors to consider are Attack Power, Health Points (HP), Armour Rating (AR), and Energy Regeneration Rate (ERR). Each stat should be carefully evaluated before choosing a champion hero for your team.

Evaluating skills and abilities

As well as stats, skills also play an important role in determining which Hero is best suited to a particular task. Each Hero has their own set of special abilities that, when used correctly, can give them an edge over their opponents. These include passive abilities such as increased damage reduction or increased healing during combat, active abilities such as Shockwave or Empowered Strike, and ultimate moves such as Fury Whirlwind or Death Spiral that can quickly turn the tide of battle when used correctly by experienced players. A thorough assessment of all these skills will help you decide which character has the most potential in different situations within the game world.

Explore special effects and bonuses

Another factor to consider when choosing a champion among these heroes is the special effects or bonuses that come into play when certain conditions are met during combat scenarios. Some examples include increased critical strike chance on successive hits against enemy targets, reduced cooldowns on successive successful hits against enemies, or increased HP regeneration while standing still in combat situations, and so on – all these little things add up to make a big difference between victory and defeat!

Checking the cost/benefit ratio

Finally, a cost-benefit analysis should be carried out before deciding who will be crowned ‘the best’ of these mighty competitors! Cost here refers mainly to the resources required to acquire the respective characters – both the monetary cost and the time required to level them up should be taken into account before drawing conclusions about who stands above the rest based on the value gained versus the sacrifices made!

Choosing your champion hero in Call of Dragons

To sum up, only by carefully evaluating several factors related to each character can you make a truly informed decision about choosing a champion among them! After assessing relevant stats such as Attack Power / Health Points / Armor Rating / Energy Regeneration Rate; analysing the skills provided; evaluating special effects & bonuses associated with certain characters; plus reviewing the cost/benefit ratio associated with the procurement/upgrade process – only then can you confidently choose a winner from the pack! Good luck & happy gaming, folks!