Ever crashed your computer , accidentally deleted all your files or experienced a computer crash ? This situations do happen to anyone and most times result in data loss which may be files , media files such as photos or important documents. Loosing files can be tough , but luckily there exists Free Data Recovery Software (and paid ones too..) that will help you easily recover your files in less than a few minutes and save you tons of money and headache when dealing with your most important files.

But First, what are the features of a good free data recovery software ? A good Data recovery software, apart from being free, it should have the following features for easy data recovery

• Easily undelete files from your computer or flash drive

• Recover deleted data from your phone such as music, contacts etc

• Has an option for deep scan to enable thorough scanning and file recovery Most free data recovery software do offer this and most of other additional features that all aid in the easy recovery of your lost files. In this post,i look at the top 3 popular free data recovery software that you can use to easily recover your data and files.

Recuva is the most popular free data recovery software and is very effective in restoring deleted files from your system. Recuva not only recovers files from your computer in the event of a system crash or formatting, but it also recovers files from your recycle bin, digiatal camera, memory cad or even mp3 players. Additionally, Recuva comes bundled with a deep scan option to enable you scan the most deepest parts of your data disks and ensure all files are restored. Recuva is definitely a must have, Follow the link below to download it for Free. FreeUndelete is another free data reovery software that enables recovery of files deleted from windows recyclebin.

it supports major files systems such as FAT32 and NTFs. FreeUndlete is free for personal use , is easy to use for both skilled and non skilled users and supports windows xp, vista and 7. Additionally, the software allows you to save recovered files to different parts of your system such as another disk partition or flashdisk to prevent overwritting of recoverd files. PhotoRec is a free data recovery software designed specifically for the recovery of your digital photos from your smartphone, camera or any other photo taking device.

Additionally, it can also recover videos, documents and archives from disks. The advantage of PhotoRec is that it is a free, open source recovery software that ignores the file system and goes after the underlying data. this enables it recover files even in cases where your storage or media file system has been serverly damaged or formatted. If you ever lose any of your files or important data from now on , you need not to worry because with these free data recovery software , you will be able to restore them to their original form and save alot of time . Do you have any other free data recovery software that is not listed here ? please comment below and let me know your thoughts and suggestions.