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Free Driver Updater Software for Windows Computers

Tired of looking for free driver updater software for your windows computer ? Not to worry any more because we got a solution for you with free software to ensure that your computer drivers are up to date and running well. As you well know, Windows Drivers do play a major role in the runnning of your computer because it allows for smooth interaction between your operating system and your computer hardware. Unless you have recently bought a new computer, for any aged computer it is necessary that you always try to keep your computer drivers up to date (with drivers from you computer maker ) because they may aid in improving the performance of your computer system. What is the Importance of Updating Windows Drivers: You might be wondering why we should update windows drivers , every often .

Well, windows drivers should be updated because of the following important reasons:

• Improved computer performance :

With driver updates, manufucturers usually fix known bugs that used to cause problems between your hardware and software program . Thus, when you update your windows drivers, you fix these problems and greatly enhance your computer performance

Secuirty :

Driver updates serve to fix loopholes in your computer system that would otherwise act as channels to allow hackers , malware or virus programs to infect your computer

• Software and Hardware Stability :

if you have ever plugged in new hardware to your computer such as a camera, usb disk etc or installed a given software , and all this did not run smoothy on your computer that is by experience crashes then chances are you drivers for the respective operation are obsolete and need update in order to function well To avoid the above mentioned and additional problems , it is therefore necessary to regularly update your drivers software.

When you search the internet for free driver updater software , you will find free tons of software that will promise to automatically update your drivers , but after downloading them , you get a message that you need to pay some $$$ in order for the program to download drivers. Thats boring uh ? but not anymore because there exists a free software that will update your drivers for free and not pester you with adverts on why you should upgrade. That Free software is from IObit and is known as Driver Booster Free.

What is Driver Booster Free from IOBIT ? Drive Booster Free is a freeware (free software) from IOBIT that uses driver update technology to Scan, identify your outdated drivers , download and install them with just a single click of a button. This driver updater software will save you tons of time in finding the right driver for your computer and automatically updating it all for free. Driver Booster Free is more than a driver updater software, because if you are a gamer , then driver booster will also help you to boost your pc to suiting gaming needs by automatically tweaking your driver settings. How To Use Driver Booster Free Using Driver Booster Free software is incredibly easy , just follow the outlined instructions and you will be on your way to easily updating your computer drivers:

• Download Driver Booster Software (From the provided link below)

• Install the software on your computer and Run

• Click on the Scan button (you need an internet connection to do this)

• Driver booster free software will automatically find your outdated drivers for you

• Select on drivers you want to update and click the update button

• Let Driver Booster free do the rest for you:) To Download Driver Booster and Update software for free, click on the provided link below to download the software. Driver booster free supports both Windows Xp/vista/7/8. Updating your drivers software is an important undertaking much like installing an antivirus software and anti- malware programs .

With updated drivers you windows computer will always be at peak performance , secure and stable thus it I recommend you perform driver updates once in a while like monthly or quaterly with this recommended Driver updated software known as Driver Booster Free.

Free Data Recovery Software to Recover Your Files

Ever crashed your computer , accidentally deleted all your files or experienced a computer crash ? This situations do happen to anyone and most times result in data loss which may be files , media files such as photos or important documents. Loosing files can be tough , but luckily there exists Free Data Recovery Software (and paid ones too..) that will help you easily recover your files in less than a few minutes and save you tons of money and headache when dealing with your most important files.

But First, what are the features of a good free data recovery software ? A good Data recovery software, apart from being free, it should have the following features for easy data recovery

• Easily undelete files from your computer or flash drive

• Recover deleted data from your phone such as music, contacts etc

• Has an option for deep scan to enable thorough scanning and file recovery Most free data recovery software do offer this and most of other additional features that all aid in the easy recovery of your lost files. In this post,i look at the top 3 popular free data recovery software that you can use to easily recover your data and files.

Recuva is the most popular free data recovery software and is very effective in restoring deleted files from your system. Recuva not only recovers files from your computer in the event of a system crash or formatting, but it also recovers files from your recycle bin, digiatal camera, memory cad or even mp3 players. Additionally, Recuva comes bundled with a deep scan option to enable you scan the most deepest parts of your data disks and ensure all files are restored. Recuva is definitely a must have, Follow the link below to download it for Free. FreeUndelete is another free data reovery software that enables recovery of files deleted from windows recyclebin.

it supports major files systems such as FAT32 and NTFs. FreeUndlete is free for personal use , is easy to use for both skilled and non skilled users and supports windows xp, vista and 7. Additionally, the software allows you to save recovered files to different parts of your system such as another disk partition or flashdisk to prevent overwritting of recoverd files. PhotoRec is a free data recovery software designed specifically for the recovery of your digital photos from your smartphone, camera or any other photo taking device.

Additionally, it can also recover videos, documents and archives from disks. The advantage of PhotoRec is that it is a free, open source recovery software that ignores the file system and goes after the underlying data. this enables it recover files even in cases where your storage or media file system has been serverly damaged or formatted. If you ever lose any of your files or important data from now on , you need not to worry because with these free data recovery software , you will be able to restore them to their original form and save alot of time . Do you have any other free data recovery software that is not listed here ? please comment below and let me know your thoughts and suggestions.

Best Free Antivirus Programs for Your Windows Computer

Bought a new computer and you dont have money to buy an antivirus program to protect your it ? Then dont worry because there exists free antivirus programs for your windows computer which functions as well as their paid version counterparts, this will save you a couple of bucks. Having an antivirus software is a lifesaver for your computerin that it will protect your data files against corruption and deletion by virus programs hence an antivirus program should be the first priority when it comes to installing programs on your laptop. Below are the benefits of having an antivirus program:

• Protect your computer data, files , and operating system against corruption and deletion by malicious programs that may be present on your computer

• Protect your computer against hackers who may break into your computer and still personal information which may include, but not limited to bank accounts, personal information, passwords, pins etc

• having an antivirus program is convininent since you dont have to worry about computer viruses anymore. The antivirus program will take care of both detecting and eliminating any virus that has found its way onto your computer

• Minimize the risk of infection on your computer e.g. if you plug in usb drives from unknown souces which might be infected

• With antivirus programs, you have all round protection wether online or offline Best Antivirus Programs for Your Windows Computer Bitdefender is the most popular antivirus program used by millions of computer users and features the use of #1 ranked technology and is feather light which means it will not strain your computer. Features of The Free Bitdefender antivirus program include:

• Unbreachable Security :

Bitdefender free antivirus uses award winning technologies created by bitdefender themselves to automatically detect and eliminate all viruses , even those that other programs will miss

• Automatic Configuration :

The bitdefender software automatically takes care of all your viruses without nagging you with minor details

• Extremely LIght :

Bitdefender antivirus program does not strain your computer in anyway. it is very light which means it does not impact your computer even slightly

• No nagging Commercials :

Bitdefender program does not pester you with nagging commercials on why you should upgrade. It only displays important messages on what you should know. Bitdefender is definitely a must have free antivirus program , thats why it is rated number one by most technology companies. Download it Below and Enjoy Avast is an antivirus program which is both available in free and paid version.

Avast antivirus is well known for offering allround protection against known viruses and trojans which may affect your computer AVG antivirus is a very popular antivirus software produced by AVG Company which produces a variety of other programs. The AVG antivirus is not that good as avira or bitdefender but the most important feature it us is that it comes with considerably less bloatware.

Features of the free avg antivirus include:

Microsoft Security essentials is an antivirus software developed by microsoft company, this software program is suited for all windows computer users since it integrates seamlessly with windows. Microsoft Security Essential features are:

• simple to use and free

• runs in the background and automatically updates itself. MSE is less intrusive Above is a list of the best free antivirus programs in no particular order and you should select the antivirus program that you feel comfortable with its features . An important thing to note is that you should only install one antivirus program for your computer . Installing more than one may cause your comouter to run slow and there maybe conflict problems between the antivirus programs. It is also essential that you update your antivirus programs to keep up with the rising trends of virus being produced everyday.

Apple iPhone 7 Vs Samsung Galaxy S7: The Battle For Best Smartphone

Well, Samsung Galaxy S7 or the iPhone 7? It was a major question throughout the year 2016. When Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S7, a lot of people were pretty confident that this one is going to be the best smartphone of the year. But then came up the iPhone 7. And now, we are here to analyze which one should be the winner. In this article, we will offer you a detailed review of iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7. And, we bet it will make easier for you to decide which one is the winner. So let’s have a look at the battle of the best smartphones! Speaking of the design and display, the Samsung S7 comes with a glass back along with a metallic finish. It has got an aluminum frame. It is just slightly less attractive than Galaxy S7 Edge. It is pretty but not more beautiful than the iPhone 7.

IPhone 7 also has the aluminum series 70000 golden body. Both of them look great. But the Galaxy S7 has a bit heavier and bigger screen. But iPhone 7 is comfortable in the grip. Technically speaking, the Galaxy S7 has got a bit of higher rating in the display because it has IP68. And iPhone 7 has an IP67 rating. It means, the Galaxy S7 can hold up to 30 minutes in 1.5 meters of water, while the iPhone 7 also survives 30 minutes, but in a depth of 1 meter. Well, this is not a huge difference, but if your phone falls in water, S7 has got a better chance of survival. The iPhone 7 has a matte finish while S7 has got a plastic finish. Samsung S7 comes with a Corning Gorilla glass 4 with a super AMOLED capacitive display. While the iPhone 7, has LED backlit IPS LCD capacitive display. But on display, there is something that iPhone has. The 3D touch technology. It will let you give a different input command depending on how hard you are pressing the display.

Now this is a bit tricky to compare the Apple’s products with any other company when it comes to specifications. Because Apple does not use the Qualcomm processor that majority of the company uses. It is harder to compare when the devices are operating on different hardware. Also Read: Vivo V5 vs. Oppo F1s vs. Gionee S6s: Battle for Best Selfie Smartphone The Samsung Galaxy S7 comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor. It has an Exynos 8890 octa-core processor. For the graphics, you will have the Adreno 530, Mali-T880 MP 12. In this aspect, Apple iPhone 7 has got A10 Fusion with Quad core 2.34 GHz process and six core processor for graphics. The Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 mm technology offers a fast battery charging. But the A10 processor is 40% quicker than the previous A9 version. Speaking of the benchmarks, the iPhone 7 is a sure winner. Because the Android and iOS devices work differently.

Considering the lags, and processor efficiency, iPhone 7 beats Galaxy S7. In the storage department, iPhone 7 is available at variants of 32GB, 128 GB, and 256 GB. But the Galaxy S7 is only available with 32GB or 64 GB version. iPhone 7 has a larger storage capacity, but it does not have a memory card slot. While, S7 has a dedicated memory card slot. The iPhone 7 has a 2GB RAM while the Galaxy S7 has got 4GB RAM. But with Apple’s A10 processor, the RAM will not be a major issue. The Samsung Snapdragon processor is fast enough to beat major mobile devices, but Apple A10 processor is fastest of them all. The iPhone 7 does not have the headphone jack, but the Galaxy S7 does. So if you are willing to use the headphone for iPhone 7, you have to buy the 3.5mm lightening adapter along with it. But that will not have any impact on audio quality, though. iPhone 7 has got the stereo speakers. But Galaxy S7 does not have the stereo sound. But it has Hi-resolution audio formats for better sound quality, and it also has the Apex Bluetooth for better wireless music. So if you are not into stereo speakers (which is not a major issue), Samsung is a winner here. The iPhone 7 is a very preferred one for the photographers. But this time Samsung has stepped up too. The primary camera of iPhone is 12 MP along with a f/1.8 aperture, a phase detection, autofocus, and also with optical image stabilization.

The S7 has the same specs, but it just has f/1.7 aperture. It means s7 can handle the low light conditions in a better way. If you love selfies, the front camera of iPhone 7 is great. It has a 7MP sensor with f/2.2 aperture. But the S7 has got a 5MP camera sensor with f/1.7 aperture. So frankly speaking, iPhone 7 will offer you high-quality images, (of course, the Samsung will too!), but in low light conditions, the Samsung will perform better. So you can opt for anyone of the above, but Samsung is a bit better here. Well, iOS vs. Android comparison is not a fair comparison. Because both are likable in their way. Yes, Android is much more customizable than the iOS, and it is considered easier. But comparing Samsung S7 to iPhone 7, Samsung is not offering stock Android; it comes with a self-built overlay of Samsung called the TouchWiz. It brings the Samsung’s apps to the forefront. So it might be a bit difficult to understand for the first time user.


And it also gives the OS a different look. But there are millions of apps in Android and it is easy to get them, install them and use them. But app downloading and installing is a bit tougher in iOS. But you just cannot deny that iPhones are more secured considering the OS, than the Android. iPhone receives more updates and fixes security issues immediately. But Google updates take a long time. So your phone is open to serious threats. Speaking of security, iPhone is a better option. But speaking of customization S7 is a better option. Now you are the best judge. Well, for this, undoubtedly, Samsung S7 is the winner. S7 has a higher battery, 3000 mAh. But iPhone 7 has only 1960 mAh. Apart from larger battery, S7 has fast charging facility that Apple does not have. Also, S7 offers a wireless charging service that is still overdue for a long time in Apple. So with much larger battery, ability to quick charge and also the service of wireless charge, Samsung is the clear winner here.

Tired of Internet Censorship? Get best Vpn now!

Virtual private network is tool which can be used by both individuals andorganizations to achieve security, and safety. Vpn is the acronym of the virtual private network. The whole purpose of the virtual private networking is to give convenience to the users in secure and sheltered environment. In this manner the users will be able to provide users with the capability to access private network over the regular internet connection from a remote location outside the network.

The users don’t need to compromise on the safety and security of the private network. Those using internet are very well aware of the fact that internet has its own risks and disadvantages because your identity and all the data is exposed to the hackers and they can easily intercept the data without you having a clue about it.Get best vpn and you will never have to worry about censorship, restrictions, limitations and stuff. With the help of security protocols and encryption the vpn creates and establishes a secure tunnel through which the data will be passed. Without interference of third party, the users will be able to transfer the data from one point to another.

The businessmen and the organizations would access the server of the corporation remotely and the whole information about that session would be kept private. Vpn provides a cost effective solution to communicate with their employees and workers dispersed around the world. Before the virtual private network the companies used leased and dedicated lines to make access to the networks to facilitate their workers. But it is not very convenient at all nowadays as multiple sessions need a separate line which makes all the process pretty expensive. Organizations can now save this cost and invest it some other function for the betterment of the company. If you get best vpn it is fairly affordable and cheap. Different plans and packages are available to meet the needs of the specific type of user.

The organizations may purchase the yearly plan to make the data and important files and documents protected and sheltered once and for all. Access of private network is now possible without the intrusion of outsiders. Through vpn the transmission of data across the unsecured networks (in this case it would be websites), it is made sure that the data switching between these networks is kept safe and sound by implementing a combination of encryption on the data packets, security protocols and authentication codes to permit the accessibility of those networks. The data is divided into small segments and sequentially organized packets (the sequence is according to the priority of the data) to ensure the smooth flow of data all the way through. Using these locked and protected data packets vpn allows the transmission of any type of data through it. Hence, even governmental agencies trust the virtual private network for active exchange of their sensitive data as the security and privacy of the data is the prime purpose of the vpn.

Voice messages, video conferences, remote access and conventional data transfer are therefore easy and simple with the help of virtual private network. Vpns are also available to use on every kind of connection for example 3G and DSL which clearly means that you can use it on any computing device which may include smart phones, laptops, desktop computers, Tablets, iPad and etc.