In this digital age, having a presence on social media is essential for businesses and individuals alike. Instagram is one of the most popular platforms, with over 1 billion monthly active users. As such, it’s no surprise that many people are tempted to buy Instagram followers in order to expand their reach and grow their following. However, there are some potential risks involved in buying followers, so it’s important to be aware of them before making any purchases. This article will advise how to find the best deals when buying real Instagram followers and how to avoid scams.

Understand What You’re Buying

Before you purchase any followers for your Instagram account, it’s important to understand what kind of service you’re paying for. Most companies offering follower packages will provide “real” followers – meaning these accounts will be active on the platform and have genuine engagement from time-to-time. However, it’s also possible that some of these “real” followers may be bots or inactive accounts with very little engagement. It’s worth researching each company individually to determine which ones offer quality services and genuine followings.

Research Different Companies Offering Follower Packages

Once you know what type of service you’d like, it’s time to start researching different companies offering follower packages. Start by searching online for reviews from past customers who have purchased services from each company; this should give you an idea of whether they offer quality services or not. Additionally, check out the company website itself; take note of any customer service support options available as well as details about payment methods accepted and refund policies offered if applicable. All this information should help inform your decision-making when selecting a follower package provider.

Compare Prices & Discounts Available

When comparing prices between different companies offering follower packages, consider both upfront costs as well as any discounts available at the time of purchase. Some providers may offer discounts based on bulk purchases or even free trial periods; make sure to take advantage of these offers wherever possible to get the best deal possible while still ensuring quality results for your money spent! Additionally, keep an eye out for promotions or coupon codes that could save you even more money when purchasing a package from a particular provider – just make sure they can deliver genuine results first!

Check Delivery Times & Terms Of Use Before Purchasing

Before committing to a package from any provider, make sure you read through all the delivery times and terms and conditions carefully – especially if certain features are included in your purchase (e.g. automated likes). This way, you’ll know exactly when your followers will start appearing on your profile, and you’ll be prepared in case there are unexpected delays due to technical difficulties or other issues beyond your control (which can happen occasionally!).

Check the company’s refund policy

It’s also important to understand the company’s refund policy before making a purchase – just in case something goes wrong with delivery or the results aren’t to your liking. Ideally, look for companies that guarantee satisfaction with their services, so that if things don’t work out, you can at least have some peace of mind knowing that all the money you’ve spent won’t go down the drain! In addition, try to contact customer service representatives directly by email or phone before making any payments to resolve any queries/concerns before proceeding with your transaction(s).

Check if the merchant is legitimate or not

Finally, do a quick background check on any provider by verifying whether or not they’re a legitimate business by checking their registration numbers online (or by other means, depending on where they operate). Be wary of anyone claiming instant success overnight – chances are it is too good to be true! A legitimate provider should always emphasize gradual growth over short periods of time rather than instant gratification; if someone promises huge returns within minutes, alarm bells should ring immediately!

The bottom line

Buying real Instagram followers can prove beneficial for those looking to grow their online presence quickly, but care must be taken every step of the way – especially when choosing which providers offer genuine services versus those selling fake/inactive accounts disguised as ‘real’ ones! Taking into account factors such as price comparisons between different suppliers and delivery times/terms, coupled with additional research into each company, should ensure that only quality services are purchased at reasonable prices, without getting scammed along the way!