Music has become an integral part of our lives in the modern world. We can’t imagine a day without music. There are several online platforms available to download your favorite songs and Tubidy is one such platform that allows free music downloads. You can visit to access Tubidy and enjoy its features. But if you are looking for alternatives for Tubidy, this article will be of great help as here we have listed down the best Tubidy alternatives that provide free music downloads.


One of the most popular free music streaming apps, SoundCloud provides access to more than 200 million tracks from all over the world. It offers both paid and free content depending on what type of user you are-paid subscription users get unlimited access to all tracks while free users can only stream up to a maximum of three hours per day. With this app, you can follow your favorite artists and get notified when they release new material or post updates in real time.


Another widely used streaming app is Spotify, with millions of active users around the globe and also features artist-exclusive content like playlists, videos, podcasts, etc. It also provides downloadable songs for offline listening. Still, it requires a premium subscription plan – so it might not be completely free but its amazing features make it worth every dollar spent! Premium plans start at just $9.99/month and offer unlimited access to all their content, including ad-free experience and increased audio quality settings, among other perks.

Amazon Music

Amazon Music is another great alternative for those who want to listen to their favorite songs without ads or interruptions, and still be able to download them for offline listening later! The service comes in two different tiers: Prime Music (which includes over 2 million songs) or Amazon Unlimited, which goes even higher with over 10 million songs available across genres and languages combined with curated playlists from experts around the world! And yes – both tiers are free if you’re already an Amazon Prime subscriber!

YouTube Music

YouTube Music is another popular streaming app developed by Google LLC that offers exclusive content such as live performances, covers, and official albums from renowned artists and much more than just regular tunes! It also allows users to create personalized stations based on their preferences and even lets them save downloaded tracks for offline playback at any time – making it one of the best Tubidy alternatives out there right now if you’re looking for the complete package!

Apple Music

If all you want is high-quality audio, then Apple Music should be your first choice, because, unlike other streaming apps & websites, they specialize in offering lossless audio quality along with DRM protection against piracy & illegal distribution of copyrighted material. This ensures that your favorite tracks remain safe & secure while providing a crystal clear sound experience every time you hit play – something that no other platform can match!


This platform specializes in providing royalty-free music, which means anyone can use it however they want without worrying about copyright issues or the hefty fees associated with licensing agreements! They have a huge library full of works by indie artists from a variety of genres, so chances are you’ll be able to find whatever kind of song you’re looking for in seconds – making it a perfect Tubidy alternative out there right now!


Deezer offers an incredible catalog of over 53 million songs along with special radio channels tailored to individual tastes, giving its listeners a unique experience every time they log on to this platform! It also supports the download function through its mobile application, allowing users to store a certain number of songs locally on the device itself – allowing instant playback at any time without needing a nearby Internet connection!