In Recent Months, Google chromebooks have risen in popularity with Recent published reports showing that 1 out of every 3 computers being sold in Amazon and other popular web stores is a Google Chromebook. Earlier, I had written an article , Explaining What chromebooks are and their features in which I Explain The advantages and disadvantages of Chromebooks and why you should buy one of them .

• Related Articles: ChromeBooks and All you need to know about them A summary of the most important features of Chromebooks are namely:

• Hassle free and Starts up in seconds ( 30 seconds)

• Built in virus protection and is secure

• Runs all your favourite google apps such as gmail, google chrome , and many more. • Click Here for more information on chromebooks well, Today , i Present to You the top 10 Best selling Chromebooks from Amazon. This is a list which will indicate the Best selling, most popular chromebooks and act as a guide for those of you who may want to buy one.

The top 10 Best Selling Google chromebooks are: The 11 inch Samsung Chromebook is the most popular and features a 11.6 inch HD display, 2GB of ram coupled with a 16GB SSD , silver in colour and is ultra-portable weighing in at 2.4 pounds. This is a chromebook manufuctured by Acer company and features an Intel Celeron 2955U 1.4 GHz (Haswell micro-architecture), it ships in both 32Gb and 16Gb models. The Hp chromebook is arguably one of the most beautiful sleek chromebooks that has ever been manufuctured.

It has the standard 16GB SSD, 2gb ram with a 6 hour battery life and comes in both blue and white colours. This is a second Chromebook by Acer company with a standard 32Gb SSD , 2Gb of ram and standard 7.5 hour battery life. it ships in a Granite gray colour. The Hp Chromebook snow white has a 14 inch screen , intel HD graphics and the standard 16GB SSD and 2Gb ram. This chromebook has intel HD graphics and a 4 hour battery life. Another Hp Chromebook with a 14 inch screen with intel HD graphics.

Ships with an Ocean Turquoise colour A Hp chromebook with standard features but with a Peach coral colour. This is the first chromebook to feature a 4Gb ram which should make for a fast computer. Additionally it has a 11.6 inch anti glare screen with Intel hd graphics and comes with an HDMI port and 8.5 hours of battery life. This chromebook from Hp closes our top 10 best seller chromebook list. it Features a 14 inch screen , intel celeron processor and 4.15 hours of battery life.