Are you looking forward to online electronics shopping in 2014 ? The number of users performing online shopping has gradually increased over the years and in the same measure, so has the number of online commerce (e- commerce) websites.

Knowing the best places or websites to shop online is essential because you not only get value for money but also a ton of other premium services for free such as free shipping. In this post, you will learn bout the best websites to shop online – dedicated mostly to technology items /electronics such as computers, laptops, tablets, chromebooks etc. But first, What are the desirable characteristics of a good online shopping website ? A good website well suited for online shopping should have most if not all of the following characteristics, that are geared towards give the customer a good memorable online shopping experience.

• Variety:

A good shopping website should have a variety of items in a given specific category. This way, customers have freedom to choose any product

• Free Shipping:

If items bought by customers exceed a given reasonable minimum price, a good online shopping website should allow for Free shopping of the said items

• Frequent Deals and Promotions :

Customers do like saving some bucks while purchasing their favourite items

• Return Back Policy :

In the event of failure, malfunction or damage of the said items, a good online shopping website should allow for free returns and replacement The Top 5 Best Online Shopping Websites for Tech Items I believe everyone has heard of Amazon, which is the leading online shopping destination for many internet users especially for tech related items such as Laptops and Tablets, Electronic Items, Software etc. Amazon has everything you need in the Technology Section (and other sections too), with competitive prices which are hard to beat, a wide variety to choose from and free shipping on orders above $25.Another awesome feature of Amazon is its Amazon Prime which affords users Unlimited Free 2 day shipping, book borrowing on amazon kindle and unlimited streaming on movies and much more.

For more information on Amazon Prime, Click Here. The other cool feature about Amazon is its insane deals and promotions where online shoppers save tons of money for their favourite features. Click here and Bookmark to keep track of amazon deals. E bay is another leading online shopping website and features mostly used items which are good condition. Ebay connects third party sellers to buyers and it allows for two types of purchase procedures, one is through active bidding while the other is true Direct purchase/ Buy it Now (hint: Format search results to show only items with Buy it Now) Ebay additionally offers Deals and Discounts where Users can get heavy discounts on some of the items being sold with up to 75 % off coupled with Free shipping. What more can a customer ask for ?

To view all deals, please click here. Best Buy unlike amazon and Ebay, is an online shopping website specifically suited for Electronic items i.e computers , tablets , tvs and any other electronic items you can think of. Bestbuy has impressive features such as the ability to buy items online and pick them up at a nearby store, free shipping on all goods above $25 and a Deal of the Day where everyday there is a deal/ promotion on electronic items which lasts for 24 hours, other bonus deals are also inlcuded.

Click here to see the deals section Deals: Browse through Deal of the Day Walmart has the mantra “Save Money , Live Better” and is one of the top US online retail companies with a high variety of products available. For Technology Items/Electronics, Walmart features Laptops, Netbooks, Desktops and software among others, with Free shipping on nearly all items of $50 or more. For Deals and Promotions, Best buy has what is Called “Value of the Hour” and “Value of the Day” where you can get amazing discounts on given items. Click here to view Electronic Deals (Values) Newegg is an online site specifically dedicated to electronics (though other categories have been added) where you can get computer hardware, Gaming, software and cellphones & accessories. The website also features Daily deals on some of its happens. This can be viewed here.